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The “Cajas National Park” with its spectacular setting, infinite lagoons, surrounded by lush paramo, rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, inspired Guido Carrasco Rodríguez’s visionary and entreprenurial spirit, to aquire the vast Toral Amador family property 30 years ago.
In possession of the property, due to the inexhaustible water resources, its optimal altitude above sea level and suitable climate, he was able to determine the feasibility to implement a fish farming station, for the cultivation of rainbow trout.

For this purpose, the needed infrastructure was built, which consisted in insemination and spawning laboratory facilities, and loopholes for the different growing phases of fish. The loopholes, for their excellent construction system, and well adaptability to the natural landscape and environment, where able to be presented as a touristic sport fishing project, becoming and exciting activity for visitors within its broad agenda of distraction.
During this emerging phase, Guido saw the need for a place for family stay, undertaking the construction of a large rustic cabin, harmoniously designed; which was later turned into a restaurant and coffee shop, to the service of the growing population of the city of Cuenca and the visitors of the famous “Jardín de la Virgen” (Garden of the Virgin) from all over the country. Devoted pilgrims attended the site the first saturday of every month.
Today, “Dos Chorreras” has become a five star lodging, with its highly developed infrastructure and first class services, becoming one of the most important resorts of the region and the country.

Mission & Vision  

We are a professional, passionate, caring company, dedicated to quality service in order to correctly addressed all those interested in finding a place of recreation to enjoy the harmony and tranquility offered around the “Cajas National Park.” Our goal is to meet our guests needs with kindness, courtesy and holistically. Actively participating in the maintenance of the environment, playing the role as responsible members of our community and industry.
Our Vision is to become the best Resort of the Andes and South America by delighting our guests, generating comprehensive and long lasting sensations after having visited us.

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